ProCorporate provides interim business expertise

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of professionals, we help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We work as a team or from an individual expertise and help you achieve your goals one way or the other.

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I do not trust the figures and reports

They always come weeks later and I have a feeling they’re not right. I can’t run my company by these figures!

We have an IT system, which costs a lot of money, but also requires more and more time to maintain. The IT person is almost overworked already. Nobody feels ownership of the data and information! Everyone says something different and the supplier can’t solve it. There are all kinds of Excel spreadsheets outside the system. Which figures are to be trusted?!

Installation company in the Amsterdam region

An installation company’s project had been on hold for some time due to major differences of opinion between the client and the contractor. I was asked to investigate whether all parties had complied with the laws and regulations and to ensure that the project would be restarted as soon as possible, to prevent further unnecessary standstill.

A few weeks after I was assigned to the project for ProCorporate, the work had resumed, partly due to the proper informing of all stakeholders about the applicable laws and regulations.

During this process, the building contractor went bankrupt, which further aggravated the standstill of the project and made the project site logistically very difficult to reach because of other large projects that had meanwhile started at the same location.

Due to the proper deployment of various parties, in which the coordinating tasks of the various stakeholders were taken over by ProCorporate, the client’s project was completed to their full satisfaction and within budget.

There’s a big cash problem

We can’t pay our suppliers and our debtors pay poorly. We can still pay the salaries, but in a few months we won’t be able to…

The financiers demand more information and it’s up to the owners to make up the deficit!

We had a beautiful business but over the years it became increasingly difficult. There is less and less money and we have to cut back on everything. The customers notice this and there is gossip in the market that things are going badly for us. Nobody has structural solutions. Everyone is cleaning up their own act. The board just wants to hear the truth. We need a plan to reverse the trend. That plan must be translated into action.

Growth is unexpectedly rapid, necessitating a new approach

In our telecom business, we grew slower than the market in recent years, but more than expected. We were unaware of what was happening around us because we were growing nicely. As a result, we started to lag behind the market and this caused major purchasing problems.

Approach: The rigid consultation structure changed from being very inward looking (own organization) to being strongly outward looking (customer).

The interim manager realized this culture change and we grew along with the rapid development of the market, we could operate with much less direction and everyone was directly focused on the customer instead of the internal organization.

All problems come to the directors

The board has to decide on literally everything, which means it is on call day and night. There is no good second layer of leadership underneath. People just close the door behind them at 5 o’clock.

The board is under great pressure. They can’t take a day off. The lack of entrepreneurial spirit in the company is hard to shake off. The situation has slowly developed this way. There is no system of delegating and taking responsibility. It has been that way for years. Family or small businesses growing with the original founder doing everything as they always did often experience this. But the world is changing rapidly.

We have a quality problem

A technical (installation) company needs solid project management (where multidisciplinary management is required) with quality assurance during projects and tenders.

Within these companies, a ProCorporate partner takes care of the project management, the coordination of the multidisciplinary disciplines, the mutual coordination of the various stakeholders, the planning and reporting to the client. Both on hours spent and finance.

Our expertise specifically lies in the management of projects where business operations must continue. Examples are projects within hospitals, airports, universities, government, municipalities and industry. It is important to the client that normal business operations are not interrupted in these projects. This awareness is also incorporated into our approach.