Boels Rental

New Company-wide employee bonus plan

Task: In conjunction with the Business Control Department, create a working model that calculates quarterly and yearly bonusses for around 4000 employees under the new bonus scheme. A delicate and complex task considering the vast number of calculations and the wide range in KPI’s. Calculations concern 5 KPI’s with 3 to 15 variants each, at 6 different enterprise levels, with around 40 calculation variants in 11 countries (of which 5 in Local Currency) based on financial and non-financial indicators.

Approach: First map the (financial) corporate structure and the datastreams. Next, build the model in separate modules and test it thoroughly. After this, preliminary results have been shared with the operation and all feedback was processed. As a result, the solution was well accepted within the organisation.

Result: A structured and working model that was effectively put to use to correctly calculate bonusses for all employees. After delivery the spreadsheet solution was handed over to the organisation and later transferred to a specially built data environment to insure stability in the long run.

ProCorporate has:

  • Form a solid basis and structure in co-creation with the organisation

  • Create an effective solution

Wolter and Dros

Transition to a profitable organization

Task: Take responsibility, together with the General Director of the CTB, for the transition to a more decisive organization, where knowledge and innovation are leading.

Approach: Take part in the transition team, in order to draw up a plan and schedule to distribute and further develop knowledge in the organization and then carry it out.. The connection between the divisions Knowledge, Realization and Business are necessary to deliver complete solutions. Optimize project management to bring predictable and positive results on the larger projects.

Result: A cost-efficient organization that is once again competitive in the market. Knowledge and innovative capacity have been increased. Various participations in integral projects, in which sustainability and innovation are important objectives.

ProCorporate has:

  • Helped to lay out a good plan.

  • Successfully executed the plan.

Bosch Security Projects

Increase effectiveness of service delivery.

Task: Improve the operational service activities, as well as the performance of the Service Desk.

Approach: Start a change process to get the right person in the right place. Also, strengthen the connection between operations and service. Structure processes and implement the WBS system to manage the larger maintenance contracts.

Result: Strong improvement of the effectiveness of the larger maintenance contracts. Optimal coordination between Sales and Service in the transition from realisation to maintenance. This has minimized costs of failure and increased customer satisfaction.

ProCorporate has:

  • Changed the service organization successfully.

  • Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

State-owned company

A state enterprise has financial problems and poor reporting. The motivation among the staff is low. The Supervisory Board assigns a ProCorporate partner to work as a financial expert.

The first action is to take control of the cash flows, the negotiations with the financiers and the introduction of a reporting booklet to be able to manage information. Meanwhile, Financial Restructuring and Recovery Departments of two financiers and the shareholder are also introduced into the company. Some management representatives are replaced. Reporting is done directly to the Supervisory Board.

After a few months, temporary refinancing is arranged. Later, there is a reorganization. This is implemented with a non Procorporate CRO in an excellent collaboration.

With renewed confidence as a result with promises delivered every time. This step by step approach to get out of a seemingly desperate situation was effective: a second refinancing was arranged shortly afterwards.

The end conclusion was a privatisation in which the buyer bought a healthy potential company and the seller was also happy with the sale.

ProCorporate has:

  • Carried out the reorganisation

  • Prepared for the privatisation

Installation company

Poorly performing financial function and management.

A subsidiary of a listed technical installation company has a poor financial function and IT. The figures are reported too late and control mechanisms are lacking. The cash situation is also slowly deteriorating. The current management does little to change the situation. At the request of the main board, a ProCorporate partner starts working at the subsidiary.

After a quick analysis, ‘low hanging fruit’ successes are achieved first. This makes more changes possible because people see results. Later, professionalisation of the processes and a coaching program for the board members follow. Regular reports are made to the Executive Board.

The result after a few months is that part of the management has been replaced. The employees are more motivated and trained to deal with matters independently.

ProCorporate has:

  • Enabled the company to rise again

  • Established an environment where employees are more engaged than ever


Ambition to do Datacenter Development in-house.

Task: Develop an in-house project organisation for data center development, for both national and international expansion of data centers.

Approach: The first step is an investigation into the concrete need for knowledge. In the following months, the project organisation recruits the right people for technical knowledge, project management and ensuring the quality of the processes. This is followed by a period of acquisition in order to get the right location available for new data centers. The most important conditions here are a guarantee of sufficient electrical power, the right connectivity to data networks and the necessary permits to be able to build.

Result: Established a complete project organisation under own management to develop data centers. An attractive location was made available for a new data center.

ProCorporate has:

  • Project organisation set up

  • Increased commercial strength for international customers

Wolter and Dros

Temporary replacement of management

Task: Ensure the continuity of the healthcare division at operational, financial and commercial level. Keep  the customers happy.

Approach: To have insight in the contractual obligations and financial position of the projects in a short period of time. Establish a good connection with the decision makers within the group of customers. Start development projects and career paths, in order to secure quality and knowledge.

Result: quickly accepted as interim manager and integrated in the organization. Was seen by clients and staff as a Wolter & Dros manager. Put the care division firmly on the map, with improved results and satisfied customers. Won the trust of staff by doing what was promised.

ProCorporate has:

  • Allowed the organization to excel.

  • Strengthened the bond with customers.

A university in the Netherlands

Task: A large university in the Netherlands came to us with the request to map the architectural maintenance and asbestos-containing materials of 300,000 m2 of real estate within a year. To write a maintenance plan, to organize a new department and to start an application procedure for the employees of this department. This to supply professors, students, employees and visitors with information regarding all their questions regarding maintenance, architectural issues, safety, environment and asbestos.

Approach: The first step was to identify the actual needs of the customer and their specific question. In the following period, people with the proper technical knowledge were recruited to set up the new department. In addition, a system to guarantee the quality of the management plans and future maintenance was established.

Results: In a period of ten months, all relevant property maintenance plans were drawn up and all asbestos was identified and mapped. All overdue maintenance was carried out, or put on the agenda, and asbestos was removed where necessary. In this period the new department with the necessary employees was also established. This department also oversees the management plans and keeps them up to date.

ProCorporate has:

  • Set up the facility organizations

  • Unburdened the customer

Bosch Security Projects

Need to improve project results on Major Projects

Task: The project organization keeps running into financial disasters in the major security projects. Improve the profitability of the Major Projects.

Approach: “Profit is created at the beginning”, so the connection between operations and sales is strengthened, in order to properly manage the contractual obligations. Moreover, the procurement process needs to be restructured. A change process to be implemented to get the right person in the right place in the project team. Processes and implementing a new project management methodology to be implemented.

Result: Strong improvement of project management on Major Projects, with improvement of results on performance. Optimal coordination between Sales and Operations in the realization process, minimizing failure costs and increasing customer satisfaction to an acceptable level.

ProCorporate has:

  • Structurally improved project management

  • Strongly improved the results on Major Projects and made them predictable

Private clinic

Lack of confidence in the figures, the finance department and IT function

There are problems with the credibility of figures when negotiating with financiers.
In addition, the management feels that the financial and IT department could be run more efficiently.

After a week of research and interviews the main problems were reported. This was followed by a period of several weeks to demonstrate these issues with clear examples and to work out the possible solutions.

Reports are submitted to the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors, in which the management is also involved in working out the solutions.

The result is a phased introduction of the solutions. A few months later, an additional appeal is made to Procorporate to temporarily fill the position of financial director, because the incumbent financial administrator has left. This continues until a new person is appointed.

ProCorporate has:

  • Examined various processes and drawn up a change plan

  • Provided assistance in the function of the finance department